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Dorota and Kasia

One is a free spirit who was in the process of settling down on two continents “for good”, but ended up coming back to Warsaw, confirming the old adage that there is no place like home. The other is a homebody who is curious about the world and has the soul of an artist. Both of them had a dream to create a place they had been unable to find in their travels, a place where they would eagerly come back to. Their paths crossed, and their dream to make a way of living out of a passion finally started to take shape. VAVA Hostel was born out of their memories of places they had visited and of extraordinary people they had come across. Two lists came out of numerous conversations and planning sessions: the first one described what the hostel should be like; the second one – what it must not become. Since one of the ladies is an interior designer and the other is an artist and a management and marketing expert, planning is their second nature. It turned out they were simply destined to succeed. Anyway, you can be the judge of that...

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