Vava Hostel Rules as of 17 January 2016


1. Definitions:
1.1. Rules: this document, which specifies the rules concerning: the provision of services, responsibility and stay on the hostel premises;
1.2. Guest: every individual who has made a reservation, paid the reservation fee, paid for their stay at the hostel in full, or has checked into the hostel;
1.3. Hostel – the hostel operated under the name Va-va Hostel by „KADO” - DOROTA KAMIŃSKA-RYBICKA, KATARZYNA CZAPSKA SPÓŁKA JAWNA, KRS:0000582547, NIP: 1231305131, REGON:362820501, with its registered office at: Józefosław 05-509, 17 Wenus Street, located in Warsaw at 76 Targowa Street.
2. The rules are an integral part of the contract concluded by way of registering in the check-in book by guests from home and abroad as well as by reserving and paying the reservation fee or paying for the stay at the hostel in full. By completing the above actions, the guest confirms that they have read and acknowledged the Rules. At that moment, the contract between the Hostel and the Guest is considered to be concluded.
3. All Guests present on the premises are obligated to comply with the Rules.
4. The Rules are available at the hostel reception desk, in all the rooms and also on the hostel website:
5. The reception desk is open 24 hours a day. Any questions and comments should be made at the reception desk, by phone or e-mail:


1. The Hostel provides services according to its standards.
2. The Hostel provides its services in a professional and kind way.
3. The Hostel provides the Guests with conditions for rest, safe stay, including guest secrecy.
4. Room cleaning and maintenance will be carried out during the Guest's absence, and only by their consent when they are present.
5. In case of malfunctions which cannot be repaired immediately, the Hostel will make every effort (within its capacity) to change the room or alleviate the inconvenience in another way.
6. There is a free Wi-Fi internet available at the Hostel. The password can be obtained from the reception desk.
7. The room price includes bed linen and towels.
8. Every guest will receive complimentary access to a locker with a key, after a refundable deposit for the key is paid.
9. Every individual staying at the Hostel can make tea or coffee for themselves throughout their stay.
10. The Hostel has a TV room for the Guests.
11. The Guests can use free maps and guides.
12. The Hostel is under video surveillance.
13. In addition, at the Guest's request, the Hostel may provide the following services free of charge:
providing information related to the stay and travel,
storing the Guests' luggage,
wake-up at a specific time,
ordering taxis.
14. The Hostel has rooms with private bathrooms.
15. The Hostel does not have a car park.


1. Reservation can be made by phone or directly through the hostel website:
2. Payment should be made by a credit card, a bank transfer or in cash. Bank transfer charges will be paid by the customer.
3. The room price is contractual and not permanent. It is related to availability. The price includes all the taxes. The current prices are available from the Hostel website. The price is guaranteed after a reservation has been made. The current prices are available from the Hostel website in the "Rooms" tab. The Hostel reserves the right to change the prices during cultural and sports events in Warsaw.
4. The reservation process is complete when the reservation fee is paid 30% of the total price of stay) within 24 hours of receipt of booking confirmation; unless other dates have been specified by the Hostel. Failure to make a payment or to submit a proof of bank transfer will automatically result in booking cancellation. Payments are to be made into the bank account available from the "Contact" tab on the website.
5. The Hostel reserves the right to change the room booked by the Guest to a room of the same or higher standard if the initially booked room proves unavailable for whatever reason. If the room is replaced with a room of a lower standard, the price difference will be refunded.
6. The stay of animals at the Hostel is acceptable only under a written consent received from the Hostel staff. The approval might be granted only if a private room has been booked. In such an event, a deposit of PLN 200 will be charged at check-in. The Guest will be financially responsible for any damages caused by their animal.
7. The deposit is refundable if the reservation of an individual Guest is cancelled no later than 72 hours of the planned arrival. Cancellations which are not compliant with the Rules will be charged for the first night of the stay.
8. If the reservation fee was made by a bank card, the refundable amount will be reduced by 5%.
9. In case of a no-show, the Hostel reserves the right to keep the reservation fee in full and to cancel the reservation, unless the parties agree otherwise.
10. Extending your stay will be possible only if the Hostel has availability.
11. If you decide to shorten your current stay, you will not be entitled to a refund of the remaining amount.
12. If you would like to receive an invoice, you should say so at check-in. The invoices are issued within 7 days from the provision of services based on a relevant tax receipt submitted to the receptionist (both the advance payment and the final amount due). After those dates or if you fail to comply with the conditions, the Hostel will refuse to issue an invoice.
13. Booking confirmation is issued by the Hostel for visa purposes for the Guests only if at least 5 nights have been paid for in advance. In such cases the advance payment will not be refunded even if the visa proceedings end with a negative result.
14. The Hostel staff will make any effort to put all the Guests included in one booking in the same room/dorm.


1. A reservation for 10 or more persons will be considered a group reservation.
2. A group reservation is made directly by the Hostel management, taking into account all the conditions of such a reservation, which may differ from individual reservations.
3. In case of group reservations the group leader is obligated to complete the list of its members along with their personal details and to submit it to the Hostel reception in order to facilitate the check-in process.
4. A deposit of PLN 20 (or equivalent) will be charged at check-in for each group member. The deposit will be fully refunded at check-out if no damage has been caused the group members. An additional deposit of PLN 20 (or equivalent) will be charged for each group member for keys to the rooms and the lockers.
5. The group leader will be fully responsible for any damage or loss of Hostel property as well as for any violation of the Rules by the group members. The Hostel reserves the right to issue an invoice for damages for the group leader, which will be payable within 7 days.
The Hostel will not provide cleaning in rooms occupied by groups that are staying less than a week.


1. On arrival at the reception desk, the Guests have to show a valid photo ID in order to confirm their identity. The entire amount due for the stay at the Hostel is payable up front upon checking in. The payment can be made in cash or by card.
2. Guests who fail to show a valid document, will not be accommodated at the Hostel.
3. Upon check-in in a dorm or a private room, a refundable deposit of PLN 20 will be charged for each group member for keys to the rooms and the lockers.
4. The Hostel may refuse to accommodate a Guest who seriously violated the Rules or disrupted the functioning of the Hostel during their previous stay.
5. The Hostel may refuse to accommodate a Guest who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such cases, the Hostel reserves the right to fully or partially retain the fee for the Guest's stay.
6. The Hostel may refuse to provide services for a Guest during their stay if their behaviour violated the Hostel Rules or breached the rules of social conduct on the Hostel premises. The amount paid for the services will not be refunded in such an event.
7. In case of inappropriate or aggressive behaviour of a Guest disrupting order at the Hostel, violating the dignity of other people and their personal goods, the Hostel reserves the right to summon relevant law enforcement agencies and to ask the Guest to leave the Hostel without a refund.
8. The intervention of the law enforcement agencies specified in (8) above, resulting from inappropriate behaviour of the Guest, will be fully paid for by the Guest, if applicable.


1. The hostel night starts at 15:00 (3:00pm) and ends at 11:00am. Should the Guest fail to communicate their late arrival, the reservation will be guaranteed until 15:00 (3:00pm); after that time the Guest will be accommodated depending on availability (it is possible to arrange the arrival time in advance).
2. If the Guests fails to specify the arrival time when booking, it will be assumed that the room has been booked for one night without any guarantee of stay extension.
3. If the room is ready to be used before 15:00 (3:00pm) it is possible to check in earlier.
4. The hostel night ends at 11:00am. The bed or room should be vacated until that time, while the key should be returned to the reception desk.
5. Failure to check out before 11:00am will result in charging the Guest for the next night. However, this does not mean that the Guest's stay has been extended. In the event when the bed or room is booked for the next night by another Guest, the Hotel staff will be authorised to enter the room during the Guest's absence, pack their belongings and move them to the reception area to be collected later.
6. The cleaning of the premises is carried out at 11:00am - 15:00 (3:00pm).
7. It is possible to leave the luggage in the hostel storage room during an agreed period of time.


1. For fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to use water heating devices, irons and other similar devices which are not included in the room equipment. The ban does not extend to mobile and laptop chargers as well as radio and TV devices.
2. Smoking and using open fire is strictly forbidden at the Hostel. Failure to comply with this ban will result in a penalty of PLN 300 payable to the Hostel staff. Should the Guest activate the fire alarm on their own fault, they will be charged with the costs of unjustified summoning of the Fire Service.
3. The Hostel Guests are obligated to read through the fire safety instructions, to comply with them and to follow the general fire safety rules.
4. The Guests are obligated to respect the quiet time from 22:00 (10:00pm) to 6:00am. Each disruption will result in a penalty of PLN 200.
5. It is strictly forbidden to use drugs or any other psychoactive substances at the Hostel.
6. The Guest will bear full material responsibility for any damages to objects, equipment and devices at the Hostel resulting from the Guest's fault. The Guest should notify the reception desk about the damage immediately after noticing it.
7. Any malfunctions in the rooms should be reported to the reception desk on arrival. Failure to report them means no faults were found.
8. It is forbidden to move room equipment without permission from reception or any other member of staff.
9. If any of the keys held by the Guest is lost, a fee of PLN 20 will be charged for every lost key.
10. Visitors may remain on the Hostel premises only if approved by a member of the reception staff. However, they should leave the premises until 22:00 (10:00pm). Guests are fully responsible for their visitors.
11. Guests may not transfer the room/dorm to third persons, even if the paid period has passed.
12. We kindly request you to refrain from eating meals in rooms, which includes drinking tea, coffee and other drinks which may stain the mattresses.
13. In case non-standard cleaning is needed as the result of a Guest's behaviour, a fee of PLN 250 will be charged.
14. It is forbidden to share the room with persons who have not checked in at the Hostel.
15. Any Guests under the age of 18 staying at the Hostel must be supervised by an adult who will be responsible for them.
16. Guests under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden to drink alcohol on the Hostel premises.
17. Guests found to be sleeping without using bed linen will be charged a fee of PLN 100.
18. Intimate contacts in shared dorms, which may disrupt the quiet time and the comfort of other Guests, are forbidden under a penalty of PLN 300.


1. The shared dorms are mixed dorms. Each bed is only for one person. Guests may use the common areas: the common room, the computer corner, the kitchen annex combined with the dining room. Order and cleanliness is to be kept both in the common areas and in the rooms/dorms.
2. In case of extended stays, the occupied rooms are cleaned after the third night. Bed linen is changed after seven nights unless the Guest asks for it to be changed earlier at an additional cost.
3. Additional fees of PLN 15 are charged for laundry. For an iron, an ironing desk, a hair dryer and a drying rack there is a deposit of PLN 20. The Guests will be fully responsible for the rented appliances. In case of damage, a penalty of PLN 100 will be charged.
4. The kettle, iron, etc. may be used only in the specified area.
5. When the Guests re out, the Hostel staff may enter one of the private rooms in order to clean up. If you do not wish us to do that, please inform the reception desk at check-in. The Hostel will not be responsible for malfunctions resulting from external sources (failure of water supply, electrical supply, etc.)


1. When leaving the Hostel, please remove the sheets and covers and leave them on the beds; please also leave the towels in the rooms.
2. Each Guest must leave their room and locker keys at the reception desk.
3. We would like to ask our Guests to leave their rooms in order.
4. The last person to leave a dorm should turn the lights off and lock the door.


1. Personal belongings left by the Guests in the hostel room will be sent back to the specified address on request (charges apply). Personal belongings will be kept for 30 days from the check-out date unless such a request is made. After that period, those belongings will be taken over by the Hostel or destroyed. Food items will be kept for 24 hours.
2. The Hostel will not be responsible for the loss or damage of money, financial assets, jewellery and items of artistic or scientific value.
3. The Hostel will not be responsible for the damage or loss of a car or other vehicle owned by the Guest, the items/living animals stored within the vehicle which is parked outside the Hostel premises.
4. The Hostel has the statutory right of lien on Guest property carried into the Hostel in case of late payment, failure to make a payment or failure to pay fines charged in compliance with the Rules.


1. The Hostel will not be responsible for any injuries or damages experienced by the Guests due to reasons outside the Hostel's fault.
2. The Hostel will not be financially responsible for the Guests' private belongings which have been carried into the Hostel and left without supervision, which have not been left at the reception desk in the deposit box.
3. Each Hostel Guest will take responsibility for themselves and for their personal belongings.


1. If you find quality of the provided services to be insufficient, you may file a complaint. In case of any comments, please file your complaint at the reception desk as soon as possible, which will allow us to react immediately.
2. Written and verbal complaints can be filed at the Hostel reception desk.
3. Problems should be communicated directly to a member of staff present 24 hours a day, who will handle the issue as soon as possible.
4. If it is impossible to solve the problem resulting in disruptions in the Guests' stay, you may be eligible for a discount or a refund of the payments made for our services.
5. Complaints filed after check-out will not be taken into account.


1. No dangerous items may be stored in the Hostel rooms, including weapons and ammunition as well as highly flammable, explosive and illuminating materials.
2. Marketing and direct sales are forbidden at the Hostel.
3. It is forbidden to make excessive noise on the Hostel premises, to spread unpleasant smells, and to do other things which may harm or disturb other Hostel Guests.
4. Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the hostel rooms and their design.
5. Out of care for the atmosphere at the Hostel and the wellbeing of all the Guests, we do not take reservations for stag and hen nights or for groups of football fans.


1. In making a reservation, the Hostel Guest acknowledges and accepts these Rules.
2. In making a reservation, the Guest hereby gives their consent to include their personal data in the Hostel database. These data will be processed by the Hostel in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 2135).
3. The Guest gives their consent for the data to be stored and processed in accordance with the Act on personal data protection (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 2135) by „KADO” - Dorota Kamińska-Rybicka, Katarzyna Czapska Spółka Jawna with its registered office in Józefosław for the needs of the Guest's stay at the Hostel and their use of other services provided by the Hostel. The Guest may access their data and amend them.
4. The data specified in (3) above will be administered by „KADO” - Dorota Kamińska-Rybicka, Katarzyna Czapska Spółka Jawna with its registered office in Józefosław.
„KADO” - Dorota Kamińska-Rybicka, Katarzyna Czapska Spółka Jawna with its registered office in Józefosław reserves the right to freely modify the provided services, tools and way of operating, including removing all the stored data, ceasing to operate a business, transferring rights onto another entity and taking all the actions permitted by the law and related to providing services, as a result of which the Guests may have no claims against: „KADO” - Dorota Kamińska-Rybicka, Katarzyna Czapska Spółka Jawna with its registered office in Józefosław.
5. The Polish law will be used for disputes between „KADO” - Dorota Kamińska-Rybicka, Katarzyna Czapska Spółka Jawna with its registered office in Józefosław and the Guests. Potential disputes between the Hostel and its Guests will be resolved amicably, and if that proves impossible, the dispute will be transferred to the competent local court of law for the registered office of „KADO” - Dorota Kamińska-Rybicka, Katarzyna Czapska Spółka Jawna with its registered office in Józefosław.
6. The management and staff of the Hostel will make every effort to provide the highest quality of services.

We will be grateful for your compliance with these Rules, which are here for your peace of mind and safety during your stay.

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